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This is for my recipient [personal profile] filia_belialis and is (actually for once) filling one of their prompts, requesting vidblogs from the spare video prototypes that Asmun might've given out after developing the Time Capsule. Let me introduce you to Rhea, the first child of Lowen and the Green, who grew up in Ellesmere at the Mages Guild, and is now trying to worm her way into admission at the Academy out of curiosity, ambition, and boredom.

You can watch the first on Youtube here!

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Ok this is not specifically FOR anyone, but I cleaned up the Planeshift Fanmix that I made so long ago when we were still mid-campaign and constantly stressed and terrified we were gonna die and making bad decisions

On AO3

and on 8tracks
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Fic for [personal profile] feedingonwind!

the edge in your affection broke my skin, Rai/Nyka/Nyka. "I'm your real brother," Nyka says.


Nov. 10th, 2016 11:16 pm
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Posting even though everything in the world is terrible, because at least we have D&D.
This is for my recipient [personal profile] filia_belialis, filling literally no prompt at all but here have a thing because I thought you’d find it entertaining and wanted to do it.
I present: Mistinder! (post on Tumblr)
Just look, a whole new social media platform where they can make terrible decisions.
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I wrote a fic for my recipient, [personal profile] aria , and posted it on AO3. I decided to cross post it here as well.

it's for your request for magic guild shenanigans. it grew into magical theory and an odd moment or two here or there. I did not edit it, and it's not nearly complete, but I do plan on adding to it in the future!

Title: Overheard
Fandoms: Planeshift Fictional TV Series Campaign, Mistworld Fictional TV Series Campaign
Character(s): Magic Guild Student(s), Orman, Unnamed Professor, Lowen - Character, Vitoria "Toya",
Tags: magical theory, Alternate Universe - College/University, one bad pick up line, i cringed writing it, Not Beta Read
Summary: “Most people will say that magic is what allows things that would not normally exist to exist. This is wrong. Zombies still walk, dragons can still fly, giants do not collapse under their own weight in Antimagic fields, and none of those creatures show up in a Detect Magic spell just for existing."

Here's the cut to read it here )
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Title: Choices
Fandoms: Planeshift Fictional TV Series Campaign 
Complete Work crossposted on AO3
Characters: Orman, Vitoria "Toya"
Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - College/University, Alternate Universe - Soulmates
Summary: Orman always applauded her choice. Orman always treated her like something more than a pet, or a status symbol, even if she sometimes acted like she was stuck babysitting him for the rest of her existence.

Fake cut to original post on my dreamwidth
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You Will Return [fanmix] (362 words) by Scribe
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Planeshift Fictional TV Series Campaign, Mistworld Fictional TV Series Campaign
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Rai/Nyka (Apocalypse Timeline), Rai/Nyka (Original Timeline), Rai/Nyka (Apocalypse Timeline)/Nyka (Original Timeline)
Characters: Rai, Nyka (Apocalypse Timeline), Nyka (Original Timeline)
Additional Tags: Fanmix, Sibling Incest, Self-cest, i guess, alternate self-cest?, however you would categorize Nyka/Nyka, god damn it you guys

A Rai & Nyka (& Nyka) fanmix

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I wrote a fic for my recipient, [personal profile] scribe , and I've posted it on the AO3: 

Let's walk along the wire, for the Rai/Alokas pining prompt. 

This fic contains some allusions to Alokas backstory that only Rai knows in canon at the moment -- if you haven't seen the latest episode, beware spoilers! 
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To kick off this year's exchange, I have updated the wiki!

More to come :D
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Because this is an episode tag rather than an exchange fic, what the hell, I'm posting it now!

Better Than An Absent God -- Gwinna & Merineth gen (or: ARIA RPING WITH HERSELF). For the first time she realizes how stupid her question has always been, was Dyr a paladin, as though that alone would give her any real insight. "What was she like?" Merineth whispers.
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By popular demand, here's a post for all your Q&A needs! What with the Exchange going on, you may have questions about someone's character details, backstory, motivation, etc, or general questions about world events and the plot so far, but may not want to ask the knowledgable person because it'd give away that you were making something for them. Thus, Q&A amnesty thread!

This thread is for posting anonymous questions about the Planeshift/Mistworld characters and world. Feel free to post questions on here, and also check back regularly to see if anyone has posted questions that you can answer! 

Keep in mind that some questions may not be able to be answered because of spoiler reasons, but yknow, we can do our best. :)
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Welcome to the second time we do the thing! Get ready! Get excited! Make some stuff!

Guidelines )

Sign up is here!

Once everyone signs up, you will receive an email listing your recipient and all of their prompts/other info. Don't tell your recipient that you have their name- it's a secret! You are only required to fill ONE of their requests, though you are welcome to fill as many as you like. 
Additionally, all prompts will be made public at a later point, so that you may create treats for other people if their prompts also catch your eye. Anyone who doesn't want to participate fully in the exchange can also feel free to just create whatever gifts they'd like, and join posting on the deadline and reveling at the reveal party.

September 30, 2016

For works that can be posted electronically, participants should begin posting their works to the Planeshift Fanworks community the week leading up to September 30th. We also recommend submitting on AO3 to the 2016 Exchange collection.

The weekend of October 1st, we'll have a reveal party to gift eachother our creations, share in-person gifts, and squee and flail over how cool everything is!

Past fanworks created for the 2015 Planeshift Gift Exchange can be found in the masterpost: here
and in the AO3 collection here
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Alright everyone, give us your prompts for the new alternate canon!

Elliwick/Dusk hatesex shadow messiahs?
Athol/Brandar reunion & FEELINGS
Rei/Captain Boytoy!
Shiko/New Shiko!

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Real talk, you guys, how are we going to survive this hiatus?

I've already seen a lot of theories on what would have happened if Dyr didn't survive the prismatic fight (thanks a lot, fandom, way to break my heart), but what do people think would be the result if any of the other Planar Heroes/other main players were the ones to die?

Also, what do you think would be the actual result of taking Ehlonna's bow out of the picture? I'm home for the holidays with my parents' terrible internet and without my Planeshift DVDs, so I can't rewatch the final battle, and to be honest I don't know that episode well enough to remember exactly how the fight went (look, even when I know what happens I just find it really anxiety-inducing, okay? I'm not sure I've ever actually rewatched it, though I have watched the end of that ep a lot because I like crying.)

But mostly I'm just fascinated by the what-happens-if-you-take-each-Planar-Hero-out-of-the-picture question, even if it doesn't end up anywhere near the AU world that we saw at the end of this episode.

To start you off: what the (literal) hell happens to the world if Aja doesn't make it?
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We finally successfully completed our first (annual?!) Planeshift Fanworks Exchange! Together we created over 17 fanworks and counting (considering there were some that haven't been posted yet and some in-person gifts that might not translate well to the internet). Thanks, my fellow shifters, for the best fandom gift exchange for the best 7-person fandom in existence. <3

A Softer Material Plane, by[personal profile] scribe, gift for[personal profile] feedingonwind
Planeshift Fic Rec Meme
, by[personal profile] scribe, for[personal profile] feedingonwind
Tag! You're a Champion!,
by[personal profile] scribe, for[personal profile] feedingonwind
The Planeshift Summer: A Primer,
by[personal profile] scribe, for[personal profile] feedingonwind
More ShiftCon Report,
by [personal profile] scribe, for[personal profile] flite

The Prismatic Job
, by 
[personal profile] filia_belialis, for[personal profile] polarisnorth
Warret's List, by[personal profile] filia_belialis, for[personal profile] polarisnorth
AO3 Dreamwidth
Lullabies, by
[personal profile] filia_belialis, for [personal profile] polarisnorth
Hoard, by[personal profile] filia_belialis, for [personal profile] feedingonwind and [personal profile] flite
AO3 Dreamwidth

Collision, by [personal profile] aria , for [personal profile] flite
Planeshift: the TV Show Primer, by [personal profile] aria, for [personal profile] scribe
DragonCon (no, the other one): A Planeshift Convention Report, by [personal profile] aria, for [personal profile] scribe
Planeshift Locations Concept Art, by [personal profile] aria, for [personal profile] filia_belialis

TV Tropes, by [personal profile] polarisnorth, for [personal profile] filia_belialis
Google Doc
The Farmer's Girl, by [personal profile] polarisnorth, for [personal profile] filia_belialis

i am happy to deceive you - a Zeth fanmix, by [personal profile] feedingonwind, for [personal profile] aria
Astral High Tea menu, by [personal profile] feedingonwind, for [personal profile] flite and [personal profile] scribe
AO3 Dreamwidth

Random Scenes from Modern AU, by [personal profile] the_w_is_silent
Random NPC Scenes
, by [personal profile] the_w_is_silent
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For [personal profile] scribe  and [personal profile] flite, because metaaaaaaaaa and also bakery/teashop AUs.

I created a menu for the Astral High Tea, which is an event at ShiftCon 2015. The menu is a selection of cupcake and tea pairings, each themed towards a different character from Planeshift.

The Menu )

Also posted on AO3 here

And the second part of this is, for tonight, I have crafted (with the incredibly gracious help of [personal profile] filia_belialis) two different pairings for us to share at the reveal party. See everyone tonight for delicious planeshift-y snacks!
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 For Aria, a playlist of Zeth feelings!

i am happy to deceive you - a Zeth Fanmix (AO3 link)

Download (sendspace link)
Listen (8tracks)

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